Ria de Cedeira


Two nights ago, I anchored in a protected aluminium harbour surrounded by hills full of trees. An aluminium factory was built in the surrounding forests. Of course this location was chooses for geographical reasons, it makes sense to install an industrial port in deep water with protected surroundings so the incoming ships can be safely moored. I found a nice picture on the web showing the surroundings:

Yesterday, I continued for a short 5 hour passage to the Ria de Cedeira. Today, I'm taking a day off for site-seeing. No need to say that the many time I spent alone, made me do some deep thinking. About our current system which is making it almost impossible for us today to experience true freedom. This freedom-preventing system could be best called 'the modern state'. Years of study and real life experiences added to that drove me to that conclusion. I'm not going to write about the core activities of the modern state here in this blog, it is upon each of us to do our own research.

I end this update with a picture of the anchorage at Ria de Cedeira where I arrived yesterday.

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