Provisioning at A Coruña


Yesterday I arrived at A Coruña. A city which is rich in history and a famous place of arrival for sailors. I managed to leave the Bay of Biscay behind me well before autumn when (severe) gales are more frequent. In summertime, there is almost no such chance. Now, I'm awaiting the northerly trade winds which prevail during summertime here at the Atlantic coast of the Iberian peninsula. These would be very favorable conditions, the wind in the back.

I did some calculations: 1.050 nautical miles done, another 2.300 to Ziguinchor.

Today, I went for a long walk in the city and bought some materials so I am now fully equiped with my second anchor set. There is always a possibility an anchor gets stuck and cannot be recovered so a second anchor set is a must have.

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