Ile d'Yeu


I Arrived at île d'Yeu which means I entered the Bay of Biscay. Spain is now only a 212 nautical miles away. Tomorrow Insha'Allah, I will decide if I go straight in an estimated 30 hour leg to reach the Spanish port of Santander. Alternatively, I could descend further south into the direction of La Rochelle and Rochefort.

I headed into the pitoresque town of Port Joinville (Ile d'Yeu) on this Sunday morning to buy food. The little narrow streets, the white painted houses and the old cars on the supermarket parking space are proof of another, more laid back, lifestyle, a difference from life on the European continent. Ile d'Yeu is a small island (with airport and ferry terminal) and from a conversation in the supermarket, I understood some people here don't consider themselves French. They consider themselves 'island dwelling people' (my own formulation).

When I returned to the boat, I chatted online with another Belgian sailor who had just entered the port of Rabat (Morocco). He left Belgium in the beginning of this sailing season.

Today is the end of the fasting month Ramadan. I celebrated this by eating some tasty dates, full of (healthy) sugar. Actually, since I became a traveller 19 days ago, I have done nothing else than that, eating lots of sugars, in order to stay concentrated while navigating. That means I need to catch up 18 days of fasting when I have ended my long voyage.

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