My side project


The web app I am developing allows educators to browse, discover, store and share various educational resources such as articles, documents, presentations, etc. The webapp's primary goal will be to help children acquire skills by offering high-quality resources.

So far, I've completed the research and design and I developed a basic prototype.

I'm currently working on an experimental frontend, including a submit form, using React. As for the backend, I'm progressing with features such as notifications, voting, favorites, and sharing.

There is still much to be done. I'll continue working on the submit form, search box, search results, side panel and user/moderator dashboard. I also plan to implement messaging and improve the search experience by adding auto-completion and semantic search.

I aim to enter beta testing next year and I'll create an online community to gather feedback.

Future plans: improve search capabilities by integrating AI language models, implement end-to-end testing and scalability testing.

As my time is limited, I am open to contributions from individuals with skills in backend development (Java/Spring Boot/Elasticsearch), frontend development (React), or UI/UX design. If you are interested, please don't hesitate to look here and contact me.

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