Moving the boat back to Morocco


ETA Saturday 04/01 before sunset Insha'allah. Alhamdulillah I found a 30 hour windows to do the job while wave height is forecast at 2.5/3m, this is a rather comfortable sea state in winter time. I would have loved to move 5 days earlier with a 1.5m forecast but that would have meant Moroccan customs would have noted down my arrival in the current year 2013 instead of 2014. The result would have been a higher payment to them. This 'transaction' as they (customs) see it, is as follows: somebody comes with a good which is 100% owned by him (the owner), added to that the decision not to leave (but to stay instead). By the time which went by, this good suddenly becomes owned by the state, unless of course, import duty and other taxes, which are forced upon the owner, are paid. When, and only when, the tax is paid, customs release YOUR good and you become again the owner. In conclusion: I will pay them 23,3% of what's already mine because the alternative is to have my property confiscated by them...

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