Moving around in Kenitra


I don't write many updates at the moment so that must mean I'm too busy living life here. This place is amazing. You can choose your lifestyle here, you can choose to live the European way and you can live the African way here. Insha'Allah when I find the time I will explain in detail. I have been moving around in Kenitra with a Belgian/Moroccan friend Murad who has a house and a car here. Tomorrow Insha'Allah, I will move to the city of Rabat which is located only a 4 hours trip away. I plan to leave the boat safe and secured in the marina and to continue touring with Murad. In the meanwhile I'm making arrangements with my (almost) brother Ibrahim who lives in Senegal, he will travel Insha'Allah to meet me here in Morocco so we can sail together back to his home town Ziguinchor, Insha'Allah.

My Senegalese friends from Porto (Portugal) have sent me the following picture. The dish as seen on the picture is the famous Tiéboudiène (riz au poisson / rice and fish).

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