Manche area


I left early in the morning, after the morning prayer when the sky is still black at 5:15h (Roscoff). I sailed with the wind in the back for more than 8 hours at a speed of 5 knots which is very acceptable seen the heavy load of my boat (I'm moving to Africa) and the lack of a whisker pole (boat equipment). In the evening I arrived at Camaret-sur-mer and anchored close to the marinas. Life is cheap this way. I don't pay anything and I can stay as long as I want. Now I have a choice to make, wait for an Atlantic high pressure zone so I can Insha'Allah safely and comfortably cross the bay of Biscay or descend further south into South-Brittany. This is one of my last trips in the Manche area. It is not always grey sky and a cold wind. I got lucky this time. See this picture.

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