Making friends


I'm busy making friends and studying... I'm also looking at the possibility of using the boat as an office and start teaching English language in private. It is an easy way for me to obtain Moroccan residency and not of lesser importance, the 20% VAT tax normally enforced on importation of the boat has not to be paid. The VAT tax shifts to a quarterly payment calculated on my earnings which means I will Insha'Allah pay VAT taxes in small amounts, spread over the duration (of time) the boat is being used to earn income. Secondly, I'm looking into the formalities to set up my charter activity with the boat so I can do trips with tourists at the more than 3.000 km long Moroccan coast. My move to Senegal is not ruled out yet. I just want to stay some time in Morocco. I don't know how long, maybe just long enough to find a good wife :-)

It is not me on the picture, it is a friend, although we look the same :-) I took the picture.

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