Life aboard


So, how is life aboard with two children and how is it to be surrounded by water all the time? Answer:

calm: there is lots of space in the marina and a constant air breeze while noises comes from at least 70m. distance away. Sometimes, when I really want to escape from daily life, I spend some time in the cockpit thinking/daydreaming while assuring the wind reaches my ears, the same thing when relaxing inside the boat with a blower directed towards me. Launching a Youtube video, in order to escape from daily life is an alternative, but it is nice to have choices.

chaotic: two children... do I need to say more? I can say one thing: the boat is their amusement parc, as for me and my wife, both of us represent the cleaning team.

safe: boat interiors are designed not to break easily and not to harm people in rough seas, so far no harm or damage occurred in the marina, not to the children and not to the boat. About the exterior, we have installed netting on all sides preventing the children from falling into the water. Life aboard is very safe.

freedom: knowing to have escaped from the crowdy city while at the same time you could easily walk over there.

busy: keeping the boat maintained/clean combined with a daytime job and two attention-demanding children on top of that... there is some time left... eg. for reading online, however books, sadly, not much time for that lately.

Here below some pictures of the very best of all moments: that must be on a Friday afternoon!

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