Exploring Matosinhos


I'm now in Portugal, enjoying summer life here in Matosinhos. I spent many days anchored before Matosinhos beach.

I went twice to the city of Porto, which is only located 10 km away, to buy food and pray in the mosque. I'm still awaiting the good winds but I don't mind they didn't arrive yet:-)

I'm doing some unusual stuff like:

  • swimming to the beach and spending a lazy day with my Portuguese and Senegalese friends

  • having my six-week-out-of-the-box-and-already-rusty Chinese bike repaired,

  • walking two kilometres through the city with all my dirty clothes on my back

  • explaining the female lifeguards on the beach that the proper dress code should be like this: arms and legs covered :-)

Portuguese people are extremely friendly, open minded and helpful. The guy that repaired my bike did not want my money, even after I insisted I wanted to pay him for his service, he was happy with the smile, coffee and boat visit I offered him. Surely, this kind of social interaction is not liked by our capitalist leaders, they must hate it when people in the streets practice other than their capitalistic system.

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