Discovering Cascais


This morning, I moored on the fuel pontoon to fill up on gas oil. I had to wait for an hour until opening time so I went for a walk discovering Cascais.

It was a strange experience. I was looking for a supermarket, mini-market or whatever place where I could buy food to store in my fridge. After a 45 minutes walk I had passed more than FORTY bank offices, a Jaguar car dealer, many breakfast bars and restaurants, a school, public buildings with people forming a row before (yes, it had something to do with taxes), but nowhere, nowhere to find a simple supermarket or mini-market! I was wondering if I was the exception here in this small city, was I actually the only one taking care of his own food instead of going out to eat in a bar or restaurant? This small city located at the Atlantic ocean, grown out of a small fishing village, is one of the most flagrant examples of today's European capitalist society. I'm sure half of its population works either for a bank or for the government and I estimate some 99% of all money slushing around in this small city must come from financial speculation or the collection on more 'traditional' interest-based investments, both of them can be classified as usury. The remaining 1% of money circulating in this small city would be the hard earned savings from the working class which is needed, of course, to serve the rich usury-practicing millionaires after they withdrew big amounts of cash in one of the many, MANY bank offices here to find. I end my anti-capitalism rant right here :-)

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