Day of rest


Day of rest, I needed a long sleep because the night before while I was crossing the Bay of Biscay, I had to set my portable kitchen alarm every 20 minutes so I could have an eye on my radar screen or put my head outside and screen for lights (=ships) on the horizon. It was a special experience, my first time I spend a complete night on the ocean. I enjoyed the calm condition of the water and the sky beautified with thousands of stars, but you can imagine how I started to feel because of the lack of sleep. I think I did a total of some 30 little naps of less than 20 minutes. A cheese pizza before sunrise and a hot shower just after sunrise made me feel a bit more like normal.

Today, I filled up on gas oil and skipped going to the marina. I read some reports they charge something like above 40 euro's a night. I'm now anchored before the 'promenade', I read somewhere Santander is the 16th populated Spanish city. Lots of people move around here, especially in this month of August.

In the city I looked for an internet connection and for a mosque, it has been too long for me I went praying in the mosque and I felt the need for some social contact.

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