Cascais anchorage


After 3 trips during daylight - which is loosing its dominance to the night time in this period of the year - I reached Cascais. Cascais was an old fishing village and has now become one of the richest towns in Portugal because of its location at the Atlantic Ocean and its vast and relatively untouched piece of coastline which attracts many tourists. It is located 10 kilometres from Lisbon and it is just a short train ride away. Pictures will follow later Insha'Allah.

I'm now anchored in the bay just next to the very expensive marina. I'm surrounded by another 40 sailing boats who all dropped their anchor and have a relaxed stay while exploring, the very close by, capital city of Portugal.

I anchored next to the Dutch couple I met at an earlier anchorage. I hope they are reading my blog so I can thank them with this message for the fresh sardines they gave me. I just threw them in the pan with lots of oil and they were delicious. I very much liked our last conversation when we talked about the son of the captains lady, she talked about her son en how he became a 9/11 truther, just like I once was.

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