About Me

IT generalist, Junior Software Developer (self-taught), age 40, living aboard my sailboat in Morocco. My current position as Technical Account Manager requires:

IT / Application support expertise
DevOps / Cloud mgmt. skills
Database Administration
Programming / testing competency
NL / FR / EN language

My current toolset (click to unfold)MySQL MySQL   Windows Server Windows Server   Hyper-V Hyper-V   Docker Docker   Bash/Powershell Bash/Powershell   Linux Linux   ApacheApache   Cloud Cloud infrastructure   Git/SVN Git/SVN   Tomcat Tomcat   MavenMaven   Java Java   Spring Spring   Eclipse Eclipse   VS Code VS Code   Chrome Chrome DevTools   Selenium Selenium   Postman Postman   Jenkins Jenkins   Crystal Reports Crystal Reports   Keycloak Keycloak   Elasticsearch Elasticsearch   Node-RED Node-RED   RocketChat RocketChat   JIRA JIRA   Swagger Swagger

Side projects:

  • Software development: Java / Spring / React, I'm developing web applications while applying DevOps principles and I published my 20y.-old bookkeeping app (PHP).

  • IT infrastructure: AWS / Azure / Hyper-V / Linux / Docker / Apache / Networking


Technical Account Manager

Pepper One

14/09/2018 - Present

Application support: handling a business app (+200 user base)

DevOps: automating the software delivery process, managing infrastructure

Databases: handling MySQL daily, building reporting queries

Testing: writing test automation (Selenium), manual testing

My skills


+10y. IT support expertise, 5y. in a large team. Since 4,5y. handling a business app (+200 user base).


Deploying/managing servers. Automating with scripts, tools, API's, low-code programming, Git, CI/CD, Docker, ChatOps.


Handling MySQL on a daily basis, building reporting queries. Backup/restore tasks.


Testing web apps, writing test automation (Selenium). (basic) Java / Spring / web services / debugging / Javascript


I'm developing a web app allowing to search, submit, download, share educational resources. (Java/Spring Boot/React/OAuth2/Elasticsearch)


I'm trilingual (nl/fr/en), good communicator, researcher, doc writing, Practicing ChatOps.

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