• I sailed from Belgium to Morocco and I have started a new life in Morocco.

  • I'm now berthed two steps away from the Moroccan capital city, in Salé.

  • North of my current position I have been navigating upriver to the city of Kenitra.

  • South of my current position awaits an amazing surrounding.... Dakhla. When? Allahu a3lam.

  • A past holiday: North-Morocco and Spain.

  • I rented a berth right next to Jebel Tariq (Gibraltar).

  • One year later, I toured in North-Morocco (Tanger).

  • And navigated further to Marina Smir.

  • Last summer, North-Morocco again (Smir)...

  • This time with both children (Tanger).

  • This is an experience I cannot describe in a few words...

  • At times you reach places where no car can come (Cies).

  • But sometimes the sea gets rough (Biscay).

  • At other times there is no better place to be (Algarve).

  • And sometimes the boat keeps you busy with... maintenance.

  • I'm now living aboard with my family...

  • As we have been living for the past 7 years.

  • >>> "I don't know much about the sea yet, but I like being out there."

After having been self employed, teaching children IT skills and acquiring a sailboat, I made the decision to start a new life outside the European Union. Today I'm an IT professional, homeschooling father and living aboard my sailboat with my wife and two children.


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