IoT (and open-source software) have recently changed how boat owners consume and interact with data on their boat.
I installed several linux devices and a digital radar while implementing OpenCPN, OpenPlotter and a DIY repeater. All that to have more flexibility compared to the existing proprietary equipment.

My (new) hardware specs:

  • Intel NUC running OpenCPN (open-source Electronic Chart Display and Information System) + 16" USB-powered display
  • Raspberry Pi with OpenPlotter (Linux server sharing GPS/AIS/compass/speed/wind/depth/engine temperature/atmospheric data)
  • Raspberry Pi Zero W + bright LED matrix for displaying critical navigation data (Linux/Node-red/MQTT)
  • Mini router converted to remote control for Raspberry Pi Zero W (OpenWRT/MQTT)
  • Simrad Broadband Radar BR24 (digital radar sending over UTP to Intel NUC, proprietary software)

How I did it:

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