Arrived at Cherbourg

Created: Monday, 06 August 2012

Arrived at the marina in Cherbourg. Saturday night, I anchored at sea in the protection of Cap d'Antifer and a long breakwater, you can find the picture below. Last night I anchored just before the marina close by the military port. The standard procedure for the military is to call all ships anchored close by so I answered them very politely on the radio. They just asked my boat name, nothing more. With my last trip done, 10% of my voyage (in distance) to West-Africa is already behind me. Wind direction has not been favorable, most sailors know about it, you need to get out of the English channel which means south-westerly direction and the prevailing winds in summertime are, yes, South-Westerly which means burning gas oil at the same time the sails are up (if possible at all). In my case, it took me 130 litres of gas oil so far. I dream every night of the northerly winds which I will meet Insha'Allah in Spain and Portugal. After my night anchorage before the marina, I entered the marina to fill up on fuel and food. An English couple saw me handling the boat and started a conversation, they said they found it quite a challenge to sail single-handedly to West-Africa. I answered them I find it quite a challenge to build myself a future on the European continent.

It had been two days since I connected online so by this update, I made good on that. More news about me Insha'Allah when I return from the city centre.