September 2018 - Present I work for a small software company as Technical Account Manager. This role requires:

  • IT support / sysadmin / devops skills
  • Database knowledge
  • Basic programming/testing competency
  • NL / FR / EN language

My current toolset: MySQL, Windows Server, Hyper-V, Docker, Bash/Powershell, Linux, Apache, Git/SVN, Tomcat, Maven, Java, JSP, Spring MVC, Eclipse, Selenium, REST Assured, Postman, Jenkins, Crystal Reports, DokuWiki, Redoc, JIRA, self-hosted API gateway/Keycloak/Nextcloud/RocketChat/OnlyOffice, cloud mgmt. dashboards

In my spare time, I work on:

  • Software development: Java / Spring / React, I'm developing a few Java web applications and I published my 15y.-old bookkeeping app (PHP).
  • IT infrastructure: Azure (Stack) / AWS / Hyper-V Server / Linux / Docker (Registry) / Apache / Networking

May 2013 - August 2018 Service Desk Technical Lead and Service Desk Coordinator for a large enterprise (5 000 managed workstations). I created a self-help tool, a Skill Matrix, for Service Desk agents. My activities were:

Incident handling (5y.), Single Point of Contact for team members (4,5y.), Single Point of Contact for customer (3y.), Knowledge management (3y.), SLA reporting (2y.)

January 2002 - April 2012 IT shop owner, IT teacher (side job)


My Github: